A clockwise rotating wheel of brightly coloured dots with The Catherine Wheel in the centre,

change changes everything

is Pain.

A little blunt? Sure.
But at The Catherine Wheel we always start with the truth.

Activating a digital product strategy, launching a new growth model, fielding a new marketing campaign are all promising ways to bring transformational change to your business.

Image of green rocket.

But, and you knew a ‘but’ was coming, if you change one important thing in your business, and don’t intelligently identify and manage everything else that needs to change— at the same time—then you hobble change.

Hobble being the polite word.

Like we said, change is pain.  

changes everything.

We created The Catherine Wheel to partner with companies who are changing (isn’t every business?) but who wants change to elevate their entire business and their bottom line.

We are change engineers.

We have, as a movie character famously said, a very particular set of skills to help growing companies use change to create enterprise-wide success, not just silos of success.

The work we will do with you is hard (remember the word ‘pain’) but because we will do this work together, you should also expect it to be exhilarating—for a change.

Image of orange rocket.

What’s a Catherine Wheel?

We’re burning to tell you.

It’s an Elizabethan era firework made of a wheel with rockets mounted on it.

When ignited the rockets create brilliant sparks and flames that cause the wheel to speed up, for spectacular results.

So yes, it’s a metaphor.

And a promise.
(You caught the words ‘spectacular results’?)

Image of circle with colourful rockets around the circle.