Our Catherine wheelhouse.

Someone once said “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

The Catherine Wheel brings together a unique circle of experts to optimize change across your enterprise and journey.

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Our Change wheelhouse.

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Branding & Marketing

Now, more than ever before, having a brand
that stands out from the crowd is critical for growth. We will work with your team to engineer a brand that is authentic to you, and always ready for change.

Growth & Commercialization

Our growth and commercialization practice will help address change- whether it be your customer’s needs, market conditions, or your competitors. Through learning, challenging and creativity, we will help your team evolve with every shock of change.

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Leadership Development & Culture

Leading a company’s cultural transformation
is about helping create and inclusive culture and
leverage diversity to maximize engagement,
productivity and profit.

Funding Solutions

Our team of experts can help identify winners
of change early on, so that your firm is
positioned to make better deal decisions
and ensure that you are focused on the
most compelling opportunities for growth.

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Digital Product Strategy
& Development

We believe in transformational product design
that positively impacts your whole business, not just today but also tomorrow. Informed by data and our diverse perspectives, our team will create a solution that is bold, exciting, and embraces change.

Simple is beautiful.

The solution for what to do next to transform your business  is perhaps  obvious. But perhaps obscured by familiarity.

But while the obvious solution may not always be the right one, the simplest  solution is always the obvious one to pay attention to.

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