Why Your Company Needs a
Membership Bundle

Now, more than ever before, companies providing a convenient and personalized experience for their customers has become table stakes. As we move forward through the pandemic, customers now have an even lower tolerance for products and services that don’t meet their needs or help solve their pain points.

World-renowned firms such as Amazon and Microsoft have generated unprecedented value and market share through recurring revenue bundles, or also known as “rundles” coined by Professor Scott Galloway. By grouping services together, companies have command monogamy from customers and benefit from increased ‘stickiness.’

When we look at Microsoft’s Office 365 service, Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, with over 650,000 companies in the United States having a recurring revenue relationship with Microsoft through their “rundle” Office 365. Like any other great idea, other companies have begun to put their twist on recurring revenue bundles. Walmart recently announced that they are planning to launch Walmart+. Like its competitor Amazon Prime, Walmart+ will provide customers with a subscription service that will include same-day delivery of groceries, general merchandise, access to product deals and more.

The secret ingredient to why “rundles” are so successful is because they take advantage of our inability as humans to keep track of time. Although we try our best, more often than not, the deadline to cancel passes, or we’ve decided to ‘put a ring on it’ and stick to the product or service.

As companies settle into the new normal and begin to look for ways to grow and increase stickiness with customers, offering rundles should be part of every company’s strategy.